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Values - What to expect from us

Human capital development.

Within our areas of expertise, we have a responsibility to pass on our knowledge and values so that future generations can benefit.


  • Proactive risk minimisation requires anticipation of failure, a structured approach to limiting the chances of it occurring, and planning carefully for the possibility that it might. Risk can be managed, but not eliminated. We deal with fallible systems, and often the primary failure point is the human element.


Dependable power systems

are critical to positive economic, social, and environmental outcomes. Achieving dependability means paying attention to four elements:

  • Availability and Reliability. These are expected, not optional extras.
  • Maintainability. Maintenance shutdowns are necessary for every component, and their timing can not always be controlled to suit our systems and processes.
  • Safety is a fundamental requirement. Safety can be maximized through smart design decisions and careful planning.
Optimal economic, social, and environmental outcomes.

There are many solutions to any given challenge in power systems. One or more of those is able to deliver an optimal mix of economic, social, and environmental outcomes. We look for those answers on behalf of our clients, and our shared future.


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Climate change mitigation

Climate change is caused primarily by human activity, and one of the keys to mitigation is smart engineering. It must be mitigated if life on earth as we know it is to survive.

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